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FRUITGUARD: Go green with the Fruitguard. It stays on your kitchen counter so you can dispose of all your vegetable peelings and scraps as you cook, to compost later. This keeps your main kitchen bin free from smelly food waste, and because of how well it closes gets rid of fruit flies.
FRUIT FLY TRAP: The Fruitguard is made with integrated fruit fly trap. Put a few drops of Fruit fly lure (included) in the fly trap handgrip. Fruit fly's will be trapped in the secondary compartement.
DOUBLE WALL: With an insulating double wall the vegetable waste stays cool and produces less odor and fruit flies!
EASY DISPOSAL: There’s a removable inner circle that holds food waste bags securely in place. The bin also has a convenient grip for carrying out to your compost heap, or collection point organised by your local council.
COMPACT: The 15cm x 15cm x 15cm size is small enough to keep on your countertop, but can still contain a 5 / 6 liter bag. 
RE-IMAGINE YOUR HOME: Fruitguard bins are designed and built to last but not forever. The material its made with (PLA), is compostable also!  Our vision is to create innovative, environmentally conscious products with beauty and intelligence in their heart

Because of the Nature friendly choice of material it is not dishwasher safe. Or wash it with water below 45 degrees.

I can make it in many colors. State your color combinations in the comments so i can try to facilitate it.

Primary colors selection determine the Bin and the lid
Secondary colors selection determine the lid handle and the fruit fly trap lid

Kitchen Bin - Fruit Fly Trap - Countertop Bin for Compostable Waste

€ 75,00Price
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